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Intermountain Children's Home Mural
November 8, 2013


I was hired as a Counselor at Intermountain Children’s Home in 1993. This is a campus setting for children and their families to learn about healthy relationships with each other as well as with friends and teachers etc. I worked for Intermountain for many years always cherishing art work by the children as a part of observing their healing process. Helping children express their feelings through drawing and various other mediums became a part of my daily work.


Aspen Mirror Commission

​November 14, 2013

For this particular commission I was able to make up a few different combinations of aspen tree trunks and birds.  Then I simply put them together in the different combinations.  I photographed each combo and allowed the client to choose which they liked best.  The left over pieces were then used in a different mirror configuration.  No fuss no muss and no waste!

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Carol Simons March 2012

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